Stainless Steel Window Security Screens

Material: 304, 316, etc.

Structure: Woven or Perforated

Surface: Bright or Epoxy Coating

Mesh: 10-12 mesh


Stainless Steel Security Window Screens

Stainless steel window security screens prevent doors and windows from being destroyed and unauthorized access. It is often used in residential and commercial environments. Especially in Western countries, the design of houses is mostly single-detached dwelling but without walls, so the anti-theft function of doors and windows is particularly important. Stainless steel security window screens represent excellent performance in high-strength, anti-corrosion and aesthetic appealing, which can meet the various needs of home and business environments.

Whether it is to prevent intrusion of strangers, vandals caused by the external environment and the severe natural weather such as hurricanes, or from an aesthetic perspective, stainless steel window security screens are ideal choice providing an added security guarantee to your home and business environment.

We offer various types of security window screens which is strong and versatile, and is very suitable for installation on doors and windows as security mesh.

If you are seeking for stainless steel window security screens, please get in touch with us, and we can customize suitable products according to your needs.


mesh wire diameter width length
10×10 0.90mm 0.75/0.82/0.9/1/1.22m 2/2.4m
11×11 0.80mm 0.75/0.82/0.9/1/1.22m 2/2.4m
12×12 0.70mm 0.75/0.82/0.9/1/1.22m 2/2.4m

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