Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

The main purpose of the stainless steel filter mesh is to screen and filter. It has a wide range of uses ranging from the petroleum, chemical, aerospace, mining, to food and pharmaceutical industries, all of which are inseparable from the use of the filter to achieve the sieving and filtration of liquid, solid particles, powder and other different media objects.


Choose the right mesh depending on your material

When the stainless steel mesh is used for sieving, the mesh count of the mesh determines the size of the screened material. We produce a wide variety of stainless steel meshes. To achieve precise screening, it’s critical to select the appropriate mesh opening size which is suitable for the your particle.

Stainless steel filter mesh perfectly suit to a variety of environments

Stainless steel filter mesh filters various media such as gas, liquids. The stainless steel material has extremely strong abrasion-resistance, heat resistance, corrosion-resistance, and anti-clogging that make it have an excellent performance in filtration and ideal for a great diversity of environments. In addition, the chromium and nickel contained in stainless steel make it highly resistant to acid and alkali, which is very suitable for filtration in various industries.

The stainless steel woven wire mesh and wedge wire screen are popular in filter mesh

  • Stainless steel woven wire mesh
    Are available in a variety design and styles to fulfill your specific requirements. Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Plain Dutch Weave, Twill Dutch Weave, and Reverse Dutch Weave.
  • Wedge wire screen
    It enjoys countless benefits compared with traditional plastic filter elements, for example, it delivers a high flow rate and presents better adaptability to temperature changes. We can provide you with various wedge wire screen, including wedge wire screen panel, wedge wire screen tubes, wedge wire filters, wedge wire nozzles, wedge wire lateral assemblies, etc.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

wedge wire strainer basket

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